Campus Credentials and Transportation


Purdue Fort Wayne Transportation Services provides vehicles to faculty, staff, and students for use on official University travel billed to a departmental account.

Interactive Powerpoint Instructions

Confused? Please view the Interactive Powerpoint that will walk you through all of the items needed to reserve a vehicle.

Please note:  Open the Power Point file in presentation mode for all the links to work correctly.

Transportation Request Form

Please submit a Transportation Request to reserve a vehicle. All vehicles must be reserved at least 24 hours before the trip start time.

Driver’s License

All drivers will need a valid US or Canadian Driver's License in order to secure a vehicle. Please bring your valid Driver's License when picking up a vehicle or verify we have a copy on file.

Transportation Policy

The Use of Vehicle for University Business Policy is effective for all staff, faculty, and students on March 1, 2010. Complete a "Self Assessment" by looking at the Power Point presentation. This can be found by clicking on "View the training HERE" and then "Use of Vehicles for University Business." (Slide 8 will have the Self Assessing Chart.)

Student/Volunteer Drivers

Student/volunteer drivers will need to fill out one of the following forms: Student/Volunteer Driver's Authorization Request for Department. Please allow 10 days for the processing of this form. The Campus Credentials & Transportation office (WU 127) must receive authorization of driver's approval, from Risk Management, before the trip start date.

Passenger Van Training

The passenger limit for the large vans was changed from 12-15 passengers to 8 passengers including the driver. This policy was changed because of the risk of roll-over in certain conditions. Additionally PFW requires staff and faculty who rent a 12-15 passenger vans and students/volunteers who rent any size van to watch the Van Training Video, take the Online Quiz, and print and sign the Quiz Results email you will receive after taking the online quiz prior to driving the van. Send the signed form to the CCT office in WU 127 or the driver can bring the form with them when picking up the vehicle keys.

Club Cart Use Agreement

Anyone who rents a club cart needs to read, print and sign the Club Cart Use Agreement.  Send the signed form to the Campus Credentials & Transportation office in WU 127 or the driver can bring the form with them when picking up the club cart keys.

Cancellation Fee

Evans Toyota will be charging a $20.00 cancellation fee. This cancellation fee will only apply to a rental vehicle that has already been delivered to the university or is in transit at the time of the cancellation. If you would like to cancel a rental vehicle that has been ordered, please send an email to Ashley Tash, or call the CCT office at 481-6611.

Multiple Drivers-Release Form

If there is more than 1 driver per vehicle, we will need each driver to sign the Drivers Release Form stating that they have read the Transportation Policy and met the requirements. The forms can be mailed back to WU 127 Attn: Ashley Tash or brought with the driver when picking up the vehicle keys. All forms must be received by the CCT office before the start of the trip or the vehicle keys can not be released.

Travel Reimbursement

All travel reimbursement forms and travel questions are handled by the travel clerk in Accounting Services.

Parking and tolls incurred while using a university vehicle are reimbursed on the employee’s Form 25. Receipts are required for parking.

Picking Up Vehicles

Vehicle keys may be picked up in Walb Union, room 127, Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–6 p.m.

Note: The driver must pick up the requested vehicle in person and sign a certification that they are in compliance with the Use of Vehicles for University Business Policy

If you are departing prior to 10 a.m. in the morning, your rental vehicle will be delivered by 4 p.m. the day prior to your departure.  The vehicle keys can be picked up at the Walb Information Desk between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. the day prior to departing.  Monday rentals can pick up the keys on Friday. 

Vehicles can be found on the north end of the ground floor of Parking Garage 2 [PDF]. There are signs indicating “University Fleet Vehicles Only.”

When leaving a personal vehicle during a university trip, please park your vehicle in place of the University vehicle you are driving.

Note: Make sure you display the red “University Parking Pass” on your dashboard.

Returning Vehicles

Vehicle keys can be returned at Walb Union, room 127, Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–6 p.m.

For after hours or weekend returns, please use the drop box. It is located on the north end of the ground floor of Parking Garage 2 at the top of the ramp by the vehicle parking area. The clipboard and sign in/out sheet will also be located by the drop box.

Vehicles must be parked in the “University Fleet Vehicle Parking” area in Parking Garage 2 when they are returned.